Build a mission bench for your hallway with free mission plans.

The illustration represents a simple design for an easily made and substantial hall seat, provided with a compartment for odds and ends. It is advisable to make it of wood to match its surroundings. The following material is necessary:

2 ends, 7/8 by 14 by 28 in.
2 rails, 7/8 by 6 by 38 in.
1 seat board, 7/8 by 14 by 36 1/4 in.
1 bottom board, 7/8 by 12 1/4 by 36 1/4 in.
2 seat cleats, 7/8 by 7/8 by 12 1/4 in.
2 bottom cleats, 7/8 by 7/8 by 11 1/2 in.

The two ends, A, are marked to the same outline and cut with a coping or scroll saw. If a fine-toothed saw is used, the edges of the boards can be easily smoothed with sandpaper, otherwise a file is necessary to remove the coarse saw traces. The rails B are cut to size and squared up at the ends, after which they can be placed at the proper places on the ends A, which may then be marked for the notches to receive the rails. In fastening the rails to the end pieces, 2-in. round-head screws can be used. The seat C is attached to the back rail by 2-in. butt hinges. To prevent the seat from sagging in the middle, it is supporting on each side by cleats screwed to the end pieces A. If the seat is liable to warp it can be held straight by two cleats screwed underneath. The bottom board D may be held in place by means of screws through the rails, or by resting on cleats screwed to the end pieces. The seat, when assembled and thoroughly sandpapered, can be finished to suit.