The form shown in Fig. 308 is of quite simple construction and is useful to hold a large flower-pot.

It should be made of 7/8" stock. The top can be from 8" to 12" square.

Simply make a box (see Box-making, on this website), without top and bottom, with the grain of the four sides running up and down. Before putting together saw the curves at the bottom. As the grain of the four pieces all runs up and down, these sides can be glued together without nailing. Screw four cleats around the inside of the top

(Fig. 309) with holes bored in them for screws with which to fasten on the top from underneath. Round the top edge as shown, and smooth the surfaces. Then, having shaped the edge of the top as shown in Fig. 308, fasten it in place and the stand is ready to finish.

Fig 308


The form shown in Fig. 310 is made upon a similar principle, and can be of a larger size than would be satisfactory for the first pattern.

Much care must be taken to so lay out and cut the slanting edges of the sides that the pieces will come together accurately. After the top has been fastened on, a little piece of moulding can be put around beneath the edge of the top as shown, provided you have the skill to do it neatly. The corners must be mitred, and the moulding fastened on with fine brads, which must be set.