This Mission table lamp is suitable for either the office or the home and is very simple in design and construction. Mission Table Lamp.

The stock should be quarter-sawed oak and it can be ordered from the mill ready cut to length, squared and sanded. The following pieces will be needed:

Details of Lamp Stand

Square up the base blocks and fasten them together with screws as shown in the detail sketch. A mortise, 1 in. square, is cut in the center of the blocks for the center post.. Lead weights, covered with felt, should be attached to the bottom, as shown. The post has a tenon cut on one end to fit the base, and a mortise cut in the other for the arm. Holes are bored in the arm from the ends for the wires. They can be plugged after the wires are in place. A hole is also bored in the top of the center post to connect with the holes in the arm for the lead wire.

Electric Lamp Stand Complete

It is best to glue the joints together, although this is not necessary if the joints are a tight fit. Sandpaper the parts thoroughly, then stain to match the other furniture.

*Note - Quarter sawed means to saw a log into quarters lengthwise along its axis.