A small box (Fig. 194) in which to carry an animal such as a kitten, squirrel, bird or any small animal, when travelling, is often very useful and much better than the bags and baskets so often used for the purpose.

Animal Carrier Travelling Cage

Figure 194

All that is necessary is to make a small box of 1/2" stock (see Box-making, on this website), with one side open (to be covered with wire cloth or netting), and the opposite side made in two parts, the upper of which is hinged to serve as a door or lid. Strips of moulding can be nailed on with brads along the edges where the wire is fastened, the door can be fastened with hook and screw-eye or catch, and a handle fastened upon the top. It is a good plan to round the edges of a box which is to be carried around. If this box is neatly got out and put together and carefully smoothed and finished it will look well and serve for many years.